Lasting Ant Control & Insect Extermination

Stop all types of pest infestations with ant control and other insect extermination from our company. At Jock Pest Control + Nuisance Wildlife Control, we do a detailed service that makes your home or business more sanitary.

Pest Control Services for:
• Bees
• Fleas
• Earwigs 
• Spiders
• Carpenter Ants
• Ladybird Beatles (Ladybugs)
• Mice & Rats
• Cluster Flies
Special Services for:
• Fleas • Bed Bugs • Powderpost Beetles

Monthly Targets

Each month has a target pest. The first week of April, we usually worry about spiders and ants. Spiders and wasps are the culprits in May and June. In July, the problems typically include yellow jackets, fleas, earwigs, and larder beetles.

Customer-Driven Service

Receive custom treatments for your pest problem from Jock Pest Control + Nuisance Wildlife Control. Although we have you explain the issues, we can usually determine what your house or business will need based on its location. We also make recommendation about how to keep pests out of your property. What you do makes a big difference.

Man Spraying - Insect Extermination

Pest-Free Insulation

We install pest-free insulation to provide your home or business with a protective barrier. There is no such thing as pest free, but what we offer is the closest thing and the best solution. We have all the crew and equipment to do this service. We can add to your existing insulation or remove it and do a new installation. Pest-free insulation averages a dollar per square foot.
Contact our technicians for applications and other methods that make your home or business pest free.