Effective Nuisance Wildlife Control

Protect your property from dangerous animals with nuisance wildlife control from our company. Jock Pest Control + Nuisance Wildlife Control solves your problem with proven methods.

Types of Animals We Control:
• Bats • Raccoons • Skunks • Squirrels
Bat - Nuisance Wildlife Control


Bat control is our specialty. To prevent bats from returning, we bat proof your property by sealing it.

The caulk we use for this service has black tar in it that clings to any surface. The bats don't like the taste of it, so it stops them fast. For the best results, we also use wire cloth, bat doors, and chimney covers if necessary. After this process, bats leave within a day or two.

We do a neat and clean job that is 100% guaranteed. To make sure the problem is resolved, we do a follow-up visit.

Preventative Service

For animals such as skunks and squirrels, we can usually do a simple fix. If you have a storage building with gaps where animals can crawl inside, we seal it for an additional price, sometimes using wire cloth.
Contact us for services that eliminate nuisance animals from your property and prevent them from getting back in.