About Us

Jock Pest Control + Nuisance Wildlife Control has been in business for 10 years and serves 2,500 customers. We focus on two counties and the edge of three or four other counties. Because most of our work is within a two-hour radius, we can get to each customer quickly.


We are there when you need us. If we get 30 phone calls, we return all 30. Typically, we provide next day service or, at the latest, the day after that. It may take a few days for us to get to your home and business if it's beyond a certain distance. 

Trained Technicians

Because of our ongoing training, we know how to spot problems before they develop. If you already have a pest issue, we base the certain on what you tell us and what we find.

Everything we perform is scientifically based. There is nothing to worry about when you hire us for pest control because we explain all the steps to you. Enjoy the benefits of services performed by technicians who know what and why they are doing it.


We have six trucks and will add another one next year in order to better serve our growing customer base. We also have new spraying equipment. To make sure your service is done right, we're on every job site. 


We do all of our pricing over the phone. Our price is 2/3 less than what our competitors charge for residential pest control so you save money. We usually charge even lesser prices for commercial services.


Contact our pest control company for an immediate response to your request for pest or wildlife control.